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Classic FitStrips are laminated with a different title on each side. Once personalized, your name, logo and special message stay in front of customers and prospects 8+ hours a day...every working day.

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Add $0.20 ea (V) when ordering Less Stress @ Your Desk

Price includes your logo in 4-color process: add $65 (v) set up; $35 (v) for exact reorders within the last 12 months. Add $45/color (v) for PMS match.
Minimum for personalization: 200.
Size: 12” L x 2 1/4” H. Imprint area: 2” W x 5/8” H.
Lead time: 7-10 workdays from art approval. Call if you need it faster.

Stop the Spread of Germs/This Too Shall Pass

Side 1 shows practical tips to help slow and prevent the spread of germs. Post these tips where you will see them every day and protect yourself and others. Side 2 includes a hopeful motivational message.

Stop the Spread of Germs/Determined People Working Together

We’ve paired Stop the Spread of Germs with another hopeful motivational message that emphasizes the power of people working together.

Stop the Spread of Germs/Wash Your Hands

Side 1 identifies six important ways that we can do our part slow and stop the spread of germs. Side 2 illustrates and describes the basics of effective hand washing -- the simplest and most effective ways to prevent disease. Once you learn these steps you’ll form a habit that will protect yourself and others.

Easy Office Stretches/Take A Deep Breath

Take a moment to relax tight muscles and stay flexible. Side one offers total body exercises for a complete head-to-toe workout. Side two demonstrates belly breathing, a proven way to relax, de-stress and improve concentration

Easy Office Stretches/One Minute Workout

We've combined 2 best-sellers so you get 16 total-body stretches to keep workouts fun and fresh. Perfect for computer users, telemarketers and stress management programs.

Easy Office Stretches/Time Out for Busy Hands

On side 1 get nine "no-sweat" stretches to relax tight muscles. On side 2 we offer our best-selling routine for hands, wrists and fingers.

One Minute Workout/Take a Vision Break

Here's a sight for sore eyes! Side 1 illustrates seven physical therapist-approved stretches that bring oxygen to hard-working muscles. Side 2 offers a solution to the #1 complaint of computer users - visual stress.

Time Out Busy Hands/Ergo QuickCheck

Our all-time best-seller! Try this handy routine to de-stress hard-working hands. Flip to side 2 for a 10-point, at-a-glance workstation checklist to make sure that your body is aligned, supported and working with the least amount of muscular effort. A must-have for workstation evaluations and office ergonomic workshops.

Time Out Busy Hands/One Minute Workout

Busy juggling priorities and multitasking? Then take a time out and try our all-time favorite hand exercises along with seven safe stretches that can be performed in about a minute.

Take 5/Let Go of Muscle Tension

Only have seconds to stretch! Then Take Five and keep muscles warm, flexible and ready for action. Side 2 demonstrates progressive relaxation -- a scientifically proven way to relax muscles on the spot. Use this technique at bedtime, at the grocery checkout, before a meeting - anytime you need to relax.

Morning Wake-up/Smart Moves

Start the day right with this gentle, fit-to-sit warm-up plus essential ergo tips that keep recipients energized and focused all day long.

Fast Break/Reverse Stretching

Ready for a fast break? It's at your fingertips. Plus, reverse the effects of seated office work with these targeted stretches.

America's Favorite Phone Stretches

Phone time is a great time to switch position and keep flexible. Make these stretches a natural part of your workday. They're perfect for call centers and every employee responsible for customer service, sales and telemarketing.

Ergo ScoreCard
This one-of-a-kind Strip let's recipients self-score their posture with a simple 10-point rating. Written in plain language with 19 reference illustrations for easy use. Use it pre- and post programs to evaluate effectiveness.
7 Super Stretches for Kids/Be Bright... Sit Right

More and more kids use computers in school and then surf the Web, instant-message and play video games at home. Here's your chance to teach them the basics for proper stretching and workstation setup to encourage a lifetime of healthy computing. Perfect for PTA's, computer labs, classroom teachers or as a take-home for employees to share with their children.

Take Tension out of Typing/Healthy Touch

Here's a great way to take the tension out of typing. Side one offers safe and effective ways to take the pressure off nerves that have been compressed by nonstop typing, mousing and restricted postures. Flip to side two and relax even more with these self-massaging techniques developed by Donna DeFalco -- a licensed massage therapist.

Office Energizers/Stress Less

Heres a terrific routine guaranteed to boost energy and get much needed nutrients flowing to muscles, tendons and joints. Side two is loaded with 50 indispensable tips to help you maintain a healthy balance.

Office Energizers/Time Out for Busy Hands

The perfect routine for computer users. Get 5 energizing, total body stretches guaranteed to boost energy all day long plus our most popular workout for hard-working hands.

Office Energizers/Ergo QuickCheck

The perfect visual reminder for employees who make a living while sitting! Shows 5 easy-to-follow exercises to stimulate blood flow plus an at-at-glance checklist to make sure employees are working in low-risk, neutral postures.

Easy Office Stretches/Hands-Only CPR

Hands-Only CPR has been shown to be as effective as traditional CPR. Give all employees the step-by-step information they need to save a life. On side 2 you get Easy Office Stretches -- 9 total body stretches to help employees pump up their energy level. Your name, once imprinted, shows your commitment to a safe and healthy work environment.

Computer Desk Stretches for Busy People

This Foto FitStrip highlights key stretches that safely relieve tight muscles, boost energy, and improve flexibility. Your name and marketing message will forever be linked to this good-health message. Absolutely the best medium to reach the millions of individuals who work at computers. Perfect for health fairs, computer training, new employee orientation, college fairs, safety training, fitness centers, wellness programs.

Stretch Break/Eye Energizers

Side one offers five essential stretches to recharge hard-working hands and wrists. A must-have for those using the mouse and typing for a good part of the workday. Plus, energizers to refresh eyes and ease the demand that comes with close-vision computer work.

Mindful at Mealtime/Handy Reminders

Reinforces two important concepts of healthy eating that everyone should know. Side one shows recipients how to be more in touch with the body's subtle internal cues - specifically the ones that say "feed me" and "that's enough." Side two illustrates the Hand Method of estimating the size of a reasonable portion. Perfect for today's fast-paced, super-size-it culture.

Less Stress @ Your Desk/60 Second Workstation Vacation - Add $0.20 ea (V) when ordering Less Stress @ Your Desk

Save Your Vacation Days! Use your imagination and all your senses to experience the beauty of this tropical scene. Then use the biofeedback card to see how effective positive mental imagery and creative visualization can be to achieve a more peaceful state. Goes with marketing themes like... "Take the Stress Out Of...." or "For Stress-Free Service Call ....". Perfect for corporate wellness programs, yoga studios, fitness centers, medical centers, ... anywhere people are promoting healthy lifestyles.

Less Stress @ Your Desk/My Mindful Minute - Add $0.20 ea (V) when ordering Less Stress @ Your Desk

Assess your stress with our interactive biofeedback chip. Then flip to side 2 and use positive affirmations to boost performance and keep stress under control. Focusing on your breathing is an important step to turn down your stress level a few notches.


Easy Office Stretches/Less Stress@ Your Desk - Add $0.20 ea (V) when ordering Less Stress @ Your Desk

Movement is absolutely essential to keep computer users performing at their healthy best. Here's our best-selling routine you can do anytime you want to recharge your batteries. Assess your stress with our biofeedback chip to see first-hand how movement can reduce the negative effects of stress.

One Minute Workout/Your Mindful Minute

Here's How to Make Every Minute Count! These micro-breaks just take a minute but the benefits last a lifetime. Find your oasis of calm with these 7 physical therapist-approved exercises and 7 inspiring affirmations.

Stress Test/Less Stress @ Your Desk - Add $0.20 ea (V) when ordering Less Stress @ Your Desk

Use the Stress Test as your daily checklist to put life events in perspective and become more resistant to the negative effects of stress. Then try the biofeedback chip on side 2 to check on your level of relaxation.

Relax/Less Stress @ Your Desk - Add $0.20 ea (V) when ordering Less Stress @ Your Desk

Get a cool beach vibe on side 1 plus a larger-than-usual imprint area to promote your name, logo and special message. It's a great way to tie into wellness and marketing themes like... "Stress-Free Service" or "Relax, You Made a Smart Choice with ___." Side 2 is our popular, interactive stress/biofeedback card designed to engage the recipient - an employee favorite.

Let's Stretch/8 Great Ways to Stretch

This festive FitStrip beautifully illustrates six fun ways to keep fit on the job. Turn to side 2 and learn eight reasons to invest in mini stretch breaks during the day. Personalization available on side 1.

Yoga/Less Stress @ Your Desk - Add $0.20 ea (V) when ordering Less Stress @ Your Desk

Side 1 is perfect for yoga studios needing a large imprint to communicate their message. Let us design a custom FitStrip to fit your industry and benefit from the great visibility you'll get. Side 2 is our ever-popular strip with interactive biofeedback chip.

Find Your Healthy Balance/Lift Smart

Side 1 is a gentle reminder to plan activities each day to nourish mind, body and soul. Turn to side 2 and learn how to Lift S.M.A.R.T. on and off the job - the five essential step to proper lifting. Personalization available on side 2.

One Minute for Me/Less Stress @ Your Desk - Add $0.20 ea (V) when ordering Less Stress @ Your Desk

Practice the simple meditation on side 1 to quiet the mind, center yourself, and improve focus. Think of it as a brief rest stop on the information superhighway. Side 2 will help you tune into your present state of relaxation.

Lift S.M.A.R.T/Back at Work

Indispensable FitStrip to keep your back safe and healthy throughout the day. From warm-up to lifting smart… we’ve got you covered.