SAGE 68454
Terms & Conditions
Blank Goods
Can be 50% of first column quantity without a less-than-minimum charge.

Must be made within 30 days of original shipment.

$25 (v) per order plus all incurred costs to date.

C.O.D. Orders
Not available.

Drop/Split Shipments
Add $10 (v) per shipment address after first address, plus freight charges.

Incorrect Shipping Address
$30 per destination plus carrier charges for incorrect address.

$50 (v). Absolute minimum is 125 for individual FitStrips and 75 for FitStrip Combos.

Allow 5-7% possible variance over or under. Factory strives to ship exact quantities. Quantities shipped will be invoiced.

Payment in full is due within 30 days of delivery for established customers. A 2% late fee will be added for every 30 days past due.

Proofs are e-mailed - $8 (v). Production will begin when we receive your approval.

Require prior factory approval and must be advised within 5 days of original shipment. Return of imprinted goods with approved art will not be accepted. For unimprinted goods, a $25 (v) restocking fee will apply.

Trademark Usage
Trademarks, logos, slogans or other registered marks illustrated herein do not indicate an endorsement by their owners and are not for sale except by their owners. They are shown only to demonstrate factory printing and production ability. We reserve the right to use all products in our advertising and displays unless otherwise specified by their owners, in writing, at time of order.